When it comes to ranch work, one thing is for certain - your hands need the best protection and grip possible, from handling livestock to tackling outdoor tasks, the right gloves can make all the difference. Our Rufus Gloves spent a day on a horse ranch. Check it out here.

Morning Chores

As the sun peeks over the horizon, it’s time to get to work. Whether it’s feeding livestock, mending fences, or preparing for the day’s tasks, our Rufus Gloves over protection against the morning chill and the occasional prickly thorn.

The fit ensures your fingers remain dexterous, allowing you to handle even the smallest of tasks with ease. The reinforced lining provide excellent grip when guiding the horses or handling feed buckets.

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working with livestock

Ranchwork often involves interacting closely with your animals. Whether it’s herding cattle or tending ot horses, our leather gloves are your trusted companions. The genuine leather not only shields your hands from abrasions but also helps maintain a firm yet gentle touch.

The grip on our Heavy-Hitter Gloves is a game-changer when handling ropes or reins, giving you the confidence to control your animals safely. Plus, the timeless style of these gloves ensures you’re ranching in classic fashion.

fencing and repairs

Maintaining a ranch means constant upkeep of the fences and structures. This often requires handling tools, nails, and lumber. Our Heavy-Hitter Gloves durability shines here, protecting your hands from splinters and ensuring a secure grip on your tools.

the triumph of heritage craftsmanship

As the sun sets over the ranch, you can look back on a day’s hard work, made easier and safer with our Heavy-Hitter Gloves.

With the durability to withstand the rigors of ranch life and the heritage style that we respect and honor, our gloves can be an essential part of your daily routine. More than just an accessory, our Heavy-Hitter gloves are indispensible tools for ranch life. They offer durability, protection, and style that sets our brand apart.

Gear up with our gloves and master your work needs while upholding the traditions that define our shared heritage.


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